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Established 1999
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West Berwick Golf Club Annual Events
Tantallon Jug - The West Berwick Club Championship was held on June 17, 2023. This cup, named for the famous Tantallon Castle at North Berwick, is currently held by Jeff Arnott , 2023 Club Champion. It is presented each year to the gross winner over the one day, eighteen hole club championship. Jeff defeated Kellen Higginson in a play off.
Dalwhinnie Quaich - Same as above, but this award will be presented to the net winner over the one day, eighteen hole club championship. This cup is named for West Berwick's official distillery in the highlands of Scotland. The 2023 current Dalwhinnie Quaich Champion is Bryan Grant. He narrowly defeated Matt Schrader for the title. 
Hickory Shaft Tournament - The Old Tom Morris Trophy - This nine hole tournament will be a Sunday afternoon favorite of the club. All members will complete 9 holes with using only hickory shafted clubs and a gutta percha ball in a tip of our hat to our legacy. The 2022 Tournament was won by Darrick Ruth, in a play off with Jim White.
Member/Member Tournament - Annually held in the summertime, the two-man event will have great prospect for membership fun. The 2022 tournament was won by Robert Ewald and Randy Grounds. This competition is for the coveted Bass Rock Trophy. This trophy is named after the third North Berwick Golf Club. Bass Rock is a legendary land mark in the Firth of Forth.
Member/Guest Tournament - The Francis Ouimet Honors will be awarded annually to a team of a member and their guest. Usually using the Stableford Scoring system, the tournament is a popular event. Champions of 2023 are member Dennis Renner, and guest Rick Bobbitt.
Junior Invitational - This annual 18 hole tournament will be by invitation to high school teams throughout the area - both boy's and girl's. The event will also be held in cooperation with the Mt. Carmel High School athletic office in West Berwick Golf Club's continued emphasis in promoting junior golf. Mt. Carmel HighSchool won the first boy's title and Carmi won the first girl's title on August 17, 2010. Grant Williams of Mt. Carmel was Medalist for the boy's and Brittany Garrison of Carmi was Medalist for the girls.
Catriona Matthew Trophy - This annual 18 hole Open tournament is open to any woman golfer and the gross division champion will be the latest name added to the Catriona Matthew Trophy. The 2010 Champion is Marsha Gritton with a great 74.
Babe Zaharias Trophy - The Net Champion of the Women's Open will win the Babe Zaharias trophy in honor of the winner of 82 professional tournaments including 3 U.S. Women's Opens. She was named Woman Athlete of the 20th Century. The 2010 Babe Zaharias Trophy was won by Kate Ackerman during the WBGC Women's Open.

Anne McCarthy Trophy - The Anne McCarthy trophy will be presented to the WBGC woman member that has the best score during the WBGC Women's Open annually. Captain Rhine announced the naming of the trophy at a dinner at the club honoring Anne's visit to WBGC. The first names placed upon the trophy were: Sharon Walden, Gross Club Champion during the 2010 WBGC Women's Open and Karin Kelsey, Net Club Champion during the 2010 WBGC Women's Open.

Scottish Open - Whenever 2 or more members make their way to Scotland a playing of the Scottish Open can be called and the "Blenheim Crystal" can be played for. It has been played for 5 times since 1999 with John Rhine winning in 1999 (Carnoustie), 2007 (Muirfield) and 2009 (Gullane #1) and Brad Seaton winning in 2004 (St. Andrew's Old Course). In 2011, the Champions are Dave Crow (Gross), Jim White (Net) and Karin Kelsey (Ladies Division) with a field of 9 playing on July 13, 2011 at the Glen Course of North Berwick
International Hickory Shaft Tournament - This nine hole tournament can be called whenever 2 members are playing outside of the United States and can play with hickory shafted clubs. A tournament was held in 2007 with John Rhine winning at Musselburgh Old Course and again in 2009 with Dr. Larry Jennings winning also at Musselburgh Old Course. In 2011, the club had 7 vying for the honors with Jim White taking the Gross Championship and Doug McPherson taking the net championship. The trophy for this tournament is the "Park Silver" in honor of Willie Park, Jr. of Musselburgh, an Open Winner and club designer of the late 1800's. The club has in its displays a driver made by Park of Musselburgh.
Frost Open - This 9 hole tournament must occur between December 21 and March 21 and is called on short notice upon the Captain's consideration of the weather. The event will be a two man, two ball format with an annual trophy - The Tundra Trophy. The latest Frost Festival was held March 5, 2023 and crowned the team of Bryan Grant and Kyle Schonert.
The Rhine Cup - Points will be awarded throughout the year for participation in club tournaments and activities and place of finish. The member that amasses the most points will win the Rhine Cup. It shall be awarded every year at the Winter Extravaganza. Kyle Schonert is the 2022 Rhine Cup Champion.
The Lincoln Honors - This competition between North Berwick Golf Club and West Berwick Golf Club will be held when either club can send a contingent of members to the other club. The first challenge for this title was held July 14, 2011 when 8 members of West Berwick competed at the North Berwick West Links against the members of North Berwick Golf Club. North Berwick won the Lincoln Honors 3-1 over West Berwick and were presented the trophy at dinner following the match at the North Berwick Golf Club Club house.
William Wallace Crystal - Darts began in the United Kingdom under King Henry VIII as a way for archers and others to hone their aiming skills. The club competition under the "301" format will be held every Christmas Season in a single elimination tournament.  David Renner is the 2022 Dart Champion.
The Crail Cup - Match Play Championship - A match play tournament will take place each calendar year in double elimination format to crown the Crail Cup Champion champion. Crail Golf Club in Fife, Scotland is a favorite of the members of West Berwick Golf Club. The 2022 Crail Cup winners were Doug McPherson and Jim White.
The West Berwick Golf Club is dedicated to building and developing Junior Golf in and around Wabash County, Illinois. We will provide whatever assistance we can to the Mt. Carmel Golf Course, the Junior Golf Program and the Mt. Carmel High School Golf team and their coaching staff. Our facility is open to them whenever necessary for team meetings, audio/visual instruction and team fundraiser's that we can assist in. Golf truly is the game an individual can play forever.